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The Anma Clinic

Japanese Integrated Medicine


~ Paddock Wood ~ Tunbridge Wells ~

Est. 2016


Specialising in:

Sports Injuries ~ Sciatica ~ Spine and Joint Correction ~ Chronic Pain and Inflammation ~ Hormonal Imbalance ~ Allergies ~ Digestive Disorders ~ Stress ~ Insomnia ~ Fertility


Affiliated with

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"I saw Chris last week with a back problem which I have had for years. I saw three specialists who didn’t help me at all. The day after my treatment with Chris was the first time in so long that I woke up without horrible back pain and stiffness. Since then my back has been so much better, I will definitely be recommending friends and family! Thank you!!!"

Jay, 38

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"I have been suffering with migraines most of my life and since the pandemic started these have gotten even worse. I had a headache (not migraine) when I arrived and after a few things Chris did my head just went. He gave me some great tips after my treatment and found things I never even thought would be triggers. The main thing about this is that I haven’t had a migraine in two weeks which for me is life changing. I just feel so much better now knowing that if they do come back I now have someone I know will be able to help"

"My treatment at The Anma Clinic was amazing. I was surprised at how much was included in the price. My whole body has been realigned and even my organs were realigned which was surprisingly pleasant! Will definitely recommend."

Emily, 25

Tonbridge, Kent

"As a professional dancer and yoga instructor I regularly seek treatment to keep my body in balance. I love the combination of therapies that Chris uses, some ancient techniques and some a lot more modern but together they really work and I can feel and see the benefits in myself."

Jasmine, 32

Maidstone, Kent

Linda, 63

Kings Hill, Kent

"I had surgery a few years back which left me with chronic pain and weakness in my arm. I was also heavily drugged up which probably didn’t do me much good. After 3 treatments my pain had vanished and I’ve been back in the gym for the first time in months."

Steve, 41

Paddock Wood, Kent

"I used to play rugby at county level so I’ve had a lot of physio and chiropractor treatments before. This is by far the best type of treatment I’ve had and I actually left with more understanding about my body than I did before. I also feel a lot lighter (says the 17-stone man!) on my feet and will definitely be coming back. Cheers!"

Mark, 50

Sevenoaks, Kent

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